CUK Creative
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From Izmir to World…

Cuk Creative has been operating as a mobile software studio in Izmir IYTE Teknopark since 2019.


Unlike other mobile software studios, we produce projects that have been tried, succeeded or never been done before. We carry out infrastructure and marketing processes together and make them sustainable as a package.

Innovative Online Technologies

In this innovative structure, where we produce our own projects, we have engaged in mobile application-oriented R&D activities decisively We are constantly improving and renewing ourselves

Cuk Creative for more creative and innovative technologies…

World's first pet-only social media app!

All you have to do is choose which Hot-Pet you are and start Sniff Right & Sniff Left for days full of Love! Come and join us, it will be worth a try..

Also we produce unique digital artwork in blockchain system called NFT.

We provide e-transformation , enterprise resource planning (ERP),financials consultancy on behalf of corporate companies and brands

See you soon with our new applications and innovative solutions!..

Let’s Meet…

We are always open for your feedbacks and thoughts.
Please write us!

Teknopark İzmir A8 Binası Kat:1 No:21 İYTE Kampüsü, Urla-İzmir

0531 262 51 91